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Can you use a WBS in agile projects?

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Some may have the perception that a WBS is a tool solely used in more traditional waterfall type of projects, but that is not the case! It is definitely as useful in agile projects, but there are a couple of…

Multidimensional WBS structures

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We are part of the ISO standardization of WBS, and have just returned from an ISO meeting in Paris, where the upcoming WBS standard ISO 21 511 is scheduled to launch during the second part of 2018. An recent, but…

How does a good WBS look like?

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There are many decisions you can make when creating a WBS, but there is very little practical guidance on how to do it out there. To understand how a good breakdown of a project should look like, the different types…

What is a WBS?

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The definition A WBS is abbreviation for Work Breakdown Structure, and is a hierarchical division of the project into smaller pieces of “work”. The problem with “work” is that it is ambiguous, in that it could both represent an activity or…